That One Barbershop

That One Barbershop

As a solo barber, I am committed to providing personalized, high-quality grooming services in a professional and comfortable setting. My goal is to help everyone who walks through my door look and feel their best.

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Barber Services

Haircut - $40
Each haircut is completed with a hot lather neck shave, a spritz of after shave, finished by a hot towel and shoulder massage.
Haircut & Beard Trim - $70
Hot Towels, After Shave, Razor-Shaved Beard Lines and a Shoulder Massage.
Hot Towel Shave - $50
2 Hot Towel and 1 Cold Towel Process accompanied with a facial steamer for a smooth Shave. All Shaves will make you feel like a brand new person.
Beard Trim - $40
Each and every Beard Trim is finished with two hot towels, a hot lather neck shave, and spray of aftershave. Finally crowned off with a cold towel.
Haircut & Shave - $80
Haircut and Shaves go way back! Keep looking fresh with a Cut and Hot Towel Shave.

Shampoo Services

Haircut & Shampoo - $50
Got hat hair, Gel, or Pomade? This will help. Each Haircut will start with a Shampoo to make your hair feel brand new.
Haircut, Beard Trim, & Shampoo - $80
Get right with this service. Whether it be a special occasion or going back to the office, this will make you feel like you can tackle the world.
Haircut, Shave, & Shampoo - $90
The ultimate barbering experience. Shampoo, Haircut, and a Hot Towel Shave. you can call this a work of art....or maybe just the Works!
Directions 13359 Poway Road Suite 127, Poway, CA, USA